Learn how me and my coaching clients have made over $200,000 in virtual speaking fees AFTER COVID, and how you can get paid virtually to speak at colleges!

Until further notice speaking crowd shots will be like this..

In this masterclass you will discover...

  • The 7 Departments at Colleges That Will Pay You for Virtual Presentations

    Now you won't have to waist your time and energy trying to figure out where the budgets are. This masterclass tells you specifically which departments on college campuses have the money to hire you!

  • What Problems You Can Solve at Colleges For a Hefty Speaking Fee

    Professional speakers are paid to solve problems with their voice. After watching this masterclass you will know exactly what problems colleges are paying speakers to solve. Now you will be able to position your message and your topic perfectly so that you are the go to expert for colleges.

  • The Titles and Job Descriptions of People That Hire Speakers

    You will no longer have to guess and search Google and those horribly organized college websites for an event planner. You will get all the job titles spelled out and given to you! In other words you will know who holds the bag and how to get them to share that money with you.

  • How to Approach Colleges So You Don't Come Off as Salesy

    Speaking at colleges is very different from any other market. In this masterclass you will learn how to reach out and different strategies you can implement right now to get the contract without being salesy!

Chris Molina made close to $6,000 virtually after making $300 when the world was open....

KD Wilson Closed $50K in speaking engagements Post COVID...

School Counselor Closed $60K in speaking engagements Post COVID...

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  • Masterclass- How to Book Paid Events without Cold Outreach

    This masterclass talks about the #1 way to get booked to speak virtually without doing cold outreach!

  • Marketing Checklist

    This is a short 2 page PDF that gives you 5 things you should begin doing right away to set yourself apart from other speakers. As you develop the things on this list your business will soar to new heights.

  • Sample Contract. Invoice. One Sheet. Proposal. & More

    Once you begin reaching out you must look professional. This toolkit gives you all the documents you need to model. Just customize them with your name and information and design.

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