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Odell A. Bizzell II has given over 300 paid speeches in his professional speaking career and has trained multiple speakers to get to the 6 figure level and beyond. Check out some of his success stories below.

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Back in 2017 I was working as a police officer. After working with Odell for a few months I took the leap into full time speaking and haven't looked back since.

K.D. Wilson

Author. Student Success Speaker

The tools and strategies that Odell offers should be 10x more expensive than they are, but I'm glad they're not. The lists and strategies he provides alone are worth thousands!

Geovanni Derice

Author. College Speaker.

Through Odell and his team's tutelage, we've been able to cross over the 6 figure mark!

Bert & Det

Hip Hop Edutainers.

I've had a couple of really great coaches and Odell was the one that helped put me over the top. I am now a full-time speaker and I have Odell to thank. He's a great coach.

Rockell Bartoli

Speaker. Author

Working with Odell has shifted my career in a great way. Before Odell I only made a few hundred dollars speaking. After Odell I've booked multipled $5,000 speeches, have become an award winning speaker, and I am even signed to a top speaking agency! He's the real deal!

Chris Molina

Author. Student Success Speaker